73-87 Novelties - Die Cast

Here are some pictures of my growing 73-87 die-cast collection.  As you can see, there are plenty of squarebody trucks on the market, both new and old.  Sometimes, the blister pack artwork is more entertaining than the truck itself!  Click on the thumbnails to view full size jpg.


This 1974 Chevrolet C65 flatbed is offered by the Fairfield Mint.  This would be a neat addition to any 73-87 enthusiast's collection, I hope to add it to mine soon.  Click here to be taken directly to the page on the Fairfield Mint website showcasing this truck.  

74_Chevy_Flatbed02.jpg (4005 bytes) 74_Chevy_Flatbed04.jpg (22827 bytes) 74_Chevy_Flatbed03.jpg (23315 bytes) 74_Chevy_Flatbed05.jpg (19283 bytes)