73-87 Novelties - Radio Control

Here are some R/C trucks and parts and a little information about them.  click on the picture to view a full size image.

This is a R/C replica I am building of my truck.  Although my truck is a '73 (and the body in the pic is a 81+), I am going to try and mimic it as close as possible.   The chassis is a Tamiya M04-L (BMW Roadster kit), and other than trying to find different wheels to match my 1:1 scale truck, it is/and will be completely stock.  The body is a 1:10 scale Tamiya Clod Buster unit that has been shortened, and the vent windows, sunroof, blower provision, and hood tilt lines have been eliminated.  It will also have working headlights and taillights.  As soon as it is finished I will post updated pics.
replica_l_a.JPG (21740 bytes)   replica_lf_a.JPG (22866 bytes)   replica_rr_a.JPG (21581 bytes)

For those of you who already have R/C monster or street trucks (or are interested in building one), here are a few bodies manufactured by Parma PSE that are out on the market to help you start/complete your project.  By clicking on the picture, you will be taken to the Tower Hobbies information page for that item.  To see color images of each, click the link below each image (you will be taken to Parma's website). 
parma_clod_a.jpg (8722 bytes)   parma_off road_truck_body_a.jpg (7019 bytes)   parma_stepside_a.jpg (8787 bytes)
Clodbuster                                    Blazer                                    Stepside   

Here are a few R/C models made by Tamiya.  The first is a Clod Buster (no longer in production, but a new "Super Clod Buster" is), and the others are vintage Blazing Blazers I have seen on the internet (no longer in production).  If you are interested in the Blazing Blazer and would like to purchase one, your best bet on finding one would be on E-bay...but they are commanding top dollar ($400+ for a decent usd one).
Clod Buster_a.jpg (15833 bytes)   blazingblazer02_a.jpg (14591 bytes)   blazingblazer03_a.jpg (15480 bytes)   blazingblazer04_a.jpg (9621 bytes)   blazingblazer05_a.jpg (13681 bytes)

Here are a few slot car Blazers I found on the net.  Although these are not technically "radio controlled", they are slightly related and pretty neat to boot.
slot_blazer_blackblue_a.jpg (11867 bytes)   slot_blazer_flames_a.jpg (12862 bytes)   slot_blazer_red_a.jpg (12959 bytes)   slot_blazer_yellow_a.jpg (13842 bytes)