Installing Eibach 2" Drop Front Coil Springs

Written by: Mike Ervin

Installing front coil springs is not really as hard as you might think.  The first thing is raise the front of the truck and support it on jack stands.  Never work under your truck without supporting it on some good stands.  Next you will want to remove the lower end of the shocks.  After the shocks are loose you will need to remove the anti sway bar.  Take off both wheels and tires so you will have access to the lower control arm.

Under the truck where the control arm bolts to the frame it is connected with two big u-bolts on each control arm.  Put your floor jack under the spring rest area of the control arm and raise it enough to take the pressure off.  Remove the u-bolts at the frame and lower the jack slowly.  It would be a good idea to chain the spring to the control arm to keep it from jumping out and maybe hitting you.  I personally don't think that would happen but it is better to be safe than sorry.  After the spring is out it's just a matter of putting the new ones in and raising the control arm back up into place and installing the u-bolts.  Put the anti sway bar back on and install the shocks.  I recommend using some drop shocks (i.e. Belltech Nitro Drop Shocks) to keep the shocks from bottoming out when you hit bumps.  It is also a real good idea to buy some shorter bump stops to replace the factory ones.  I have removed mine altogether and if I hit a real big bump it bottoms out.  I also recommend installing urethane anti sway bar bushing while you have it out.  They're pretty cheap and not hard to install.  They will really tighten up your front end.  After you get it back together, don't forget to get the front end realigned.  With the shorter springs it is going to need it.

That's all there is to it.  Pretty simple when you think about it.


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