Detent Cable and Switch Adjustments

TH350 Detent Cable Adjustment

Early Models

1.  Remove the air cleaner assembly.

2.  Locate and loosen the detent cable clamp screw.

3.  With the choke off, position the carburetor lever in the wide open throttle position.

4.  Pull the detent cable to the rear, until the wide open throttle stop in the transmission is felt.
Note: The cable must be pulled through the detent position to reach the wide open throttle stop.

5.  Tighten the detent cable clamp screw and check the linkage for proper operation.

Later Models

6.  On later models that have a snap-lock fitting rather than a cable clamp, make sure the fitting is disengaged and the cable is free to slide through the fitting.

7.  With the cable and fitting in the bracket and the cable end attached to the throttle lever, open the throttle valve all the way.

8.  Hold the throttle valve in the wide open position and push the snap-lock fitting tang down until it's flush with the rest of the fitting.

TH400 Detent Switch Adjustment

After installation of a new switch, press the plunger in all the way.  This will preset the switch for adjustment.  The switch will automatically adjust itself the first time the throttle is opened all the way with the accelerator pedal.