Replacing The HEI Ignition Module

Written by: Mike Ervin

Replacing the ignition module.

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.  Remove the air cleaner to provide room to work around the distributor.
  • Remove the distributor cap and wires as an assembly and position them out of the way.
  • Remove the screws and detach the rotor.
  • Carefully detach the wires from the module terminals.  If the wires are attached with a plastic connector, release the locking tang before pulling the connector off the terminals.  If the wires are difficult to remove, you may find it easier to remove the module mounting screws first, detach the module and then pull off the wires (Do not pull on the wires or the connectors may be damaged).
  • Remove the screws and lift out the module.
  • Installation is the reverse of removal.  Be sure to apply the silicone dielectric grease supplied with the new module to the distributor pad.  (Do not use any other type of grease!  If the grease is not used, the module will overheat and destroy itself.