Ram Air Box Install

Written by: Mike Ervin

Here are some pics of my engine bay.  This is after I cleaned everything up including the firewall and hood.  I used Aeroquip stainless hose with AN fittings for the fuel line.  Also I'm using their stainless overbraid for the radiator, heater, and A.I.R. hoses.  I used Spectre Magna-Flex hose for the vacuum lines.  Check out my new Ram Air Box from Air Inlet Systems.  A real nice piece to add to the puzzle.  The four pics on the bottom are with different ducting on the box.  The duct that came with the box kept breaking at the ends close to the snorkel and box inlets.  I had to keep cutting it off and clamp it back.  Normal engine movement may not cause this, but with the torque my engine puts out, and the shaking from the cam at idle, was too much for it.  I hope this new ducting will stop all this junk.  It is a aluminum laminate duct.  I bought 25 feet for $15.00.  Heck, I only used two 3 foot pieces of it.  So, if you can buy it by the foot, 6 feet is enough to do both sides.

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