Center Console

Written by: Mike Ervin

I replaced my stock bench seat with a three piece combo, which consisted of bucket seats and a center seat/console.  The center console worked OK, but I have wanted a floor shifter for a while.  I decided I wanted to install a B&M MegaShifter and the center seat was going to be in the way.  So, what to do?  I decided to build a new center console that more suited my needs, plus I could also use the MegaShifter like I wanted to do.  During my thought process, trying to figure out what exactly I needed, I came up with the idea to build a new rear speaker box and tie it into the new center console.  This article will be about the console part of my project.  This was a rather tough thing to build because I had no plans to go by and had to do everything by a lot of test fitting and trimming.  I think it turned real nice.

Building the console to go with the speaker box.

After I thought about what I wanted the speaker box to look like, then this determined what I had to do with the console.  The photo below is how the box looks.  This will help give you an idea of what the console will look like where it meets the box.

speaker_box1.jpg (27144 bytes)

Here is a photo of my completed console.

console_all3.jpg (29789 bytes)

Here a few pics of the console after having it upholstered.

armrest2.jpg (27884 bytes)

armrest3.jpg (29941 bytes)

console_cov1.jpg (25582 bytes)

console_cov2.jpg (36828 bytes)

In order to be able to install and remove the console from the truck, I had to build it in three sections.  Below is some photos of these sections.

  • This is a pic of the base.  This is the part which mounts on my seat frame and is under the armrest box.  Why is it built this way?  Well, I have two amps and needed somewhere for them to go.  The second photo below will show you what I mean.

base1.jpg (48818 bytes)

  • The base with explanations of what everything is for.

section_base1.jpg (39701 bytes)

  • Another of the base and explanations.

I used 1/2" BC grade plywood to build everything out of.  Now, let me say, the above base is built the way it is because of the seat frame that came with my aftermarket seats.  The base sits on the frame and not the truck floor itself.  You will probably be need it to be different, unless you have seats like mine.  So, I have drawings for both styles.

Here are more photos of the other two sections for the console.

  • This is the armrest box.

armrest1.jpg (51289 bytes)

  • Armrest sitting on the base.

armrest_base1.jpg (49505 bytes)

  • This is the front part of the console and third piece of the puzzle.  As you can see in the photo below, I added some trim around the edge so I could lay things on it and they wouldn't slide off in the floor.  It's 3/4" half round.  For the curved part, I had to make some to match.

console_front1.jpg (32377 bytes)


  • Here is a couple pics of the finished console in the truck.  For more pics of the finished product, check this page.

internew1.jpg (68642 bytes)


internew4.jpg (65824 bytes)

Now for all the drawings I made of the console.  Click on the drawings below to go to the full size ones you can print out.

  • This drawing is the armrest box.  I didn't make a drawing of the box lid because mine is made to fit a plastic bin I had from an old seat mounted console I bought at Walmart long ago.

armresta.jpg (4299 bytes)

  • This drawing is for the base.  This is the one you will use if you don't have the seat frame in you way like I did.

base_noframea.jpg (5660 bytes)

  • Drawing for the base if you do have a frame and seats like mine.

base_with_framea.jpg (8163 bytes)

  • Drawing for the console top.

top_consolea.jpg (5902 bytes)

  • Below are all the other drawings for rest.  Some are for actual size templets.  The ones for the front part of the console, which goes under the dash are two part templets.  The way I have them you can print them out and use the two pieces to make a larger templet you can use to trace the cutout.

driverside_viewa.jpg (5724 bytes)

templet_driverside_bottoma.jpg (4092 bytes)

templet_driverside_topa.jpg (5350 bytes)

templet_passside_bottoma.jpg (4184 bytes)

templet_passside_topa.jpg (4974 bytes)

templet_top_dasha.jpg (4104 bytes)

This is all I have for now.  It's real hard to describe things about this to you and cover every detail.  I think with the drawings and photos, you will be able to build one for yourself.  But, let me state this before hand.  It's not an easy job by any means.  I am a Carpenter by profession and it was a challenge to me.  Of course, I didn't have anything to help me like this article will you.  It will come in real handy if you have some wood working skills for sure. 

Good luck with it.