Power Window Motor Removal and Installation

Written by: Andre (MidnightBlues)

This is a article on how to change out the window motor on trucks equipped with power windows.  

This first pic is how the window and regulator are positioned inside the door.  Act like the door is invisible.


Next you see the four bolts used to bolt the assembly to the door.


This is the rail from the window glass.  You can see a half moon opening in the rail in the middle.  Thru this opening you can slide one of the "wheels" from the regulator.  The other "wheel" slides out on the side.  That's how you remove the regulator from the window.


Put the assembly in a vice exactly like this, so the regulator can not move when you detach the motor.  This is important.


Here you see the 3 bolts you have to remove to get the motor off.


When you have the motor off, drill out the four rivets that attach the motor to the little subframe, and put new motor on the frame with 4 little bolts like this.


Then reassemble the whole thing in reverse order of removal.

The photos below I took when I replaced my window motors.  I thought I would add these because you need to clamp it in the vise different for the drivers side.  Below is the way it looks clamped.  Believe you me, if you don't do this step, it will give you a fit trying to get it back in the door.


Below is after unbolting the motor.


Here is with the new motor installed.

winreg9.jpg (38389 bytes)