73-87 GM Information Packets

If you are restoring your truck, looking to restore your truck, or just want more information on your truck...have I got a treat for you.  GM has what are called "Restoration Packets" for GM vehicle owners.  These packets consist of tons of information pertaining to options, specifications, maintenance, and parts sources just to name a few.  Best of all...IT'S FREE!!!  All you need to do is contact GM (by phone or mail), tell them your VIN, and wait the stated "6-8 weeks" for it to arrive in your mailbox (I got mine in two weeks).  Below you will find the number(s) you need to call, or an address if you choose to write a letter.

GM Customer Service: 1-800-222-1020
GM Customer Service address: Chevrolet, P.O. Box 33170, Detroit, Michigan 48232-5170

For you Canadian guys and gals, things are a little different.   You are still able to get these packets...but you also get information pertaining to your actual truck!  Things like the shipping date, production date, dealer who sold it, what options your truck came with, and production numbers.  I think this applies to Canadian built trucks, but I could be wrong (I don't live in Canada, and my truck wasn't built there either).  There is one catch, this service will cost you $48.15 Canadian....but that is a small price to pay for such cool information!  Below is the number to call.

General Motors Vintage Vehicle Services: 1-888-467-6853 (outside Canada, 1-905-644-4060)

Below are the numbers to call if you live in Europe or Mexico.   I don't have much information for you guys, but perhaps someone can call and let me know what you find out, and I will of course update this page for everyone else to see.

Europe: 61 42 602 309
Mexico: 011 525 329 0800

Here are a few pictures I took just to show you an example of the information you will find in these packets.

infopacket02_a.jpg (13525 bytes)    infopacket03_a.jpg (14442 bytes)    infopacket05_a.jpg (13777 bytes)