Reader's Rides

Name:  A.D. Nelson
Location:  Hanford, CA
Year:  1986
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Silverado C10
Owner Comments:  Hello, my name is A.D. Nelson, and I am from Hanford California.  I am the proud owner of a 1986 Chevrolet C10 Silverado.  It is powered by a 305 (with 186K), 4 speed automatic, and all the goodies.  Her name is Lucy, but my wife calls her Christine...she is my first full size truck.  I purchased it early 2006, and at that time she had a rack on the bed and over the cab, the whole truck was raised high up in the air, and had the bald black wall tires and rims you see on her.  The sweet bonus for me was she had dual exhaust on the back...she sounds real sweet!  In the months that followed, I sold the rack for $300, then I put new rubber on her (Remington 275/50/15), cleaned up the wheels, and lowered her about one inch in front and three in the back.  My plans are simple I think, drop in a fresh crate engine, freshen up the interior with new gauges, seat, steering wheel, and a few other items.  I would appreciate the chance to be on your website.