Reader's Rides

Name:  James Booth
Location:  DeRidder, LA
Year:  1975
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  C10 Scottsdale
Owner Comments:  This is a 1975 C10 Scottsdale.  This truck was owned buy an older gentlemen who passed away.  The truck was then put into a barn for 9-10 years, until the Granddaughters husband got it out, he drove it for a couple of years until he ended up parking it up for two years because of the 10 MPG it got.  He then could not get it to start, and ended up putting it up for sale for $500.  I went to purchase it and it, but it would not fit in my trailer.  I ended up trying to jump start it, which worked, but it flooded.  I simply unstuck the choke and have not stopped driving it since.  I plan a pretty much stock rebuild and repaint.