Reader's Rides

Name:  Neal Cash
Location:  Georgia
Year:  1981
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Cheyenne
Owner Comments:  My name is Neal Cash, and this is my 1981 Chevrolet Cheyenne.  It is powered by an Inline 6 with 3 speed on the tree, and 36,000 is original right down to the AM radio.  It has original floor mats, tinted windows, and the option sticker with original owners manual is there.  My great uncle purchased it new when he was 71.  He kept detailed records as he used it as a farm truck and probably depreciated it on his taxes over the years.  It was moved to his farm, and as he got older the truck was used less and less.  He is 96 and is selling the farm...I was lucky and got the truck!  I picked up the truck and drove it 700 miles from Texas to Georgia.  I have begun a refresh of it.  Starting with all the basic mechanical stuff like cooling system, brakes, belts and tune-up.  I replaced the headliner and put on new tires and wheels.  I am currently doing some exterior work like buffing, cleaning and waxing.