Reader's Rides

Name:  Frank Castro
Location:  Riverside, CA
Year:  1986
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Silverado
Owner Comments:  This was my father's 1986 pick-up that he purchased in 1988.  We replaced the chrome wheels back in 1996.  The years of sun and use took a toll and it was repainted about four years ago and we added the billet grill.  With the outside looking presentable, we were going to start on the interior but my dad lost a leg to diabetes.  When he recovered from surgery, he still drove it but it just wasn't practical.  I bought the truck from him in 2004 and except for trashing the shell and replacing the cargo light, I haven't done anything to it since.  The stock 305 has about 135K and smokes and drips a bit, but I only drive it maybe once a month to Home Depot and back.  My only plans are to finish replacing the interior rubber, change the torn up bench seat, update the stock radio and repair the AC.