Reader's Rides

Name:  Michael Croftcheck
Location:  Ohio
Year:  1978
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Silverado
Owner Comments:  My name is Mike Croftcheck of Ohio, and I wanted to share some pictures of my 1978 Silverado.  So far I and lowered the truck in the front with 2.5 inch dropped springs and 2 inch dropped spindles.  The front has all new bushings, tie rod ends, and ball joints.  The back has a 4 inch shackle and hanger to drop it down, but I might take out a leaf or two out to bring it down a little more without cutting into the frame.  The wheels are center line with 225-60's in front and 275-70's in back.  The paint is a two tone of crimson red and white to replace the original all white.  The body has all it's original steel and chrome.  I just finished the interior converting the burgundy to a all black and replaced some worn dash pieces.  I haven't worked on the engine which is a 350 with 350 trans.  I cannot decide if I want to rebuild or replace with a crate motor.  Thanks for a great web sight.