Reader's Rides

Name:  Kurt De Klerck
Location:  Belgium, Europe
Year:  1980
Make:  GMC
Model:  Sierra Grande
Owner Comments:  My name is Kurt De Klerck, I live in Belgium Europe.  I drive a 1980 GMC Sierra Grande, it's a wideside 2X4 with a regular cab.  There were no options in the truck originally, but it now has A/C, cruise control, tilt steering, headliner, interior drives on a V8 5700l 350ci gas, originally is was powered by a 6.2 diesel.  Here in Belgium the gas is expensive, but via gas engine we can drive on LPG.  I guess that is why the previous owner changed the engine.  So the truck drove on LPG, but in no way on gas...there weren't even gas tanks under it anymore.  This is not good, what if I run out of LPG, I can't go and get a jerry can now can I?  So, I purchased a new gas tank and mounted it under the drivers side, along with new brackets and lines...a lot of work and a great cost.  Luckily the fuel lines and valve switch were still mounted on the chassis, as was the filler necks.  The truck came from the Oshwa plant in Canada, and was sold here by GM in Antwerp.  For its age, I must honestly say that the truck was in good condition.  Not too much rust, a few dents, and some holes drilled by the previous owner.  I am still restoring it, and hope to finish somewhere in 2010.  That seems like a long time, but searching for the parts and getting the money for them...and adding the shipping cost can get real expensive.