Reader's Rides

Name:  Derrick Haynes
Location:  Washington DC
Year:  1985
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  C10
Owner Comments:  My name is Derrick Haynes and I'm from Washington, DC.  I was on your site and I noticed the Reader's Ride section and thought I'd send you a few pics.  My truck is a 1985 C-10 with a new 305 V8, TH350 transmission, new headers, Flowmaster mufflers and chrome bowtie exhaust tips.  She sings a beautiful melody.  The truck had 67,000 miles on it when I found it in November 2005, sitting in cow pasture on top of cinder blocks, down in Louisiana.  I gave the owner $250 and hauled it away before he could change his mind. 

My uncle took over as project manager and after quite a few dollars and almost a year later.... Pearly, as I affectionately call her, is up and on the road again.

Now, to what else has been done to it.  It has a fresh new paint job, White Diamond Pearl.  It's been lowered 6/4 inches.  It has a real roll pan.  It has rear euro tail lights.  The interior is completely new, with new dash, door panels, carpet and a set of custom caramel and white bucket seats.  The electronics are much more than I expected.  What I expected was a CD player and 4 speakers.  What my uncle actually put in there was the CD & 4 speakers, along with two 12" subs, an amp and equalizer.  And to top it off, a flip down 7" Boss DVD/TV. 
Now, to what else I plan on doing.  First on the list is a new fiberglass lid cover from Gaylord Lids.  From what I've been told, they manufacture a lid that is specifically designed for the late model Chevy Trucks.  Second on the list is to complete the parts on the engine.  All that remains is the alternator, the a/c compressor and I've had my eyes on this radiator that's black and chrome.  Third on the list is a new from bumper with cut out for fog lights.  Fourth on the list is a customized center console, with fabric matching the seats.  And finally a new set of wheels.  Currently, it has 15" wheels, and I'm still debating on whether I'll move up in size or not.  Although it's been lowered, it has a great ride with the wheels and tires that are on it. 

So that's my truck.  I think I'm still in shock about it.  For the whole year, I didn't look at it.  I only received reports by phone from my uncle about what stage of work he was in with it.  He never said, "well it looks pretty good, or even, it looks ok".  He only said, we are moving into this stage or that stage.  So when I flew down to Louisiana three weeks ago and pulled up the garage door, I was instantly speechless and in shock.  I made the 1263 mile drive back to Washington, DC alone.  I only slept for 2 hours during the entire trip back.  I guess I was a bit overly excited.  Pearly did well on the highway.  Drank a lot gas, but the ride was wonderful.

Well, enough of my rambling, here are the pictures.  Thanks for the wonderful web site.