Reader's Rides

Name:  Ben Hoshor
Location:  Columbus, OH
Year:  1987
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Silverado
Owner Comments:  My name is Ben Hoshor, aka Buck, I live near Columbus Ohio, and I own and operate a small print shop.  I got lucky finding my '87 locally from an older gentleman I knew that purchased it new.  The truck was passed along to his son-in-law who used it around his farm.  The truck was purchased new with the dealer installed Western snow blade.  It was originally powered by a 305, and had just 75,000 miles on it, but it lost the oil sending unit and was driven long enough that way to develop a knock.  When I got the truck, I decided to replace the warn out 305 with a 4 bolt main GM 350 crate engine.  My initial intent was just to fix it up a little, but once I got started I couldn't stop.  It has taken me about 18 months part time to get it where it is now.  I ended up pulling the bed and spending countless hours grinding down rust on the frame and repainting it.  I had the bed upside down and completely de-scaled it, primed it, painted it, and undercoated it.  Fortunately the cab didn't require a lot of body work other than cab corners.  I am still touching up the engine compartment and doing other minor things...but will consider adding things as I go.  It is a lot of work, but you gotta love the 73-87's.