Reader's Rides

Name:  Ben Steines
Location:  Dubuque, IA
Year:  1983
Make:  GMC
Model:  Sierra C10
Owner Comments:  Hi, My name is Ben Steines.  I am 16 years old and I live in Dubuque Iowa.  My truck is a 1983 GMC Sierra C-10, powered by a 305 V8, backed by a th350 transmission, and air spring coils in rear. She's a good ol' gal.  I purchased this truck for $550 in May of 2005.  I've always wanted an old truck with a V-8.  It had some rust on the front fenders and the rockers were gone.  I got real good at bending sheet metal to form these pieces and learned a thing or to about the wonders of bondo.  I didn't have much money so this truck was perfect for me.  I painted the truck myself, the paint job is not perfect but it serves it's purpose.  I painted it two tone red and black with black rally rims.  I added a CB, 2 Barjan antennas, John Deere stickers, big mud flaps, cab lights, 5 rear lights along the bottom of the tailgate, John Deere floor mats, hitch cover, and steering wheel cover.  My buddy made a chrome vinyl decal to go across the top of the windshield.  I really don't plan to add much more to the truck except true dual exhaust with two 18"cherry bomb glass packs.  Right now it has a cheap Thrush Magnum glass pack that are too quiet for my taste.

P.S. Your website is the most informative and interesting truck site I've been to.  Keep up the great work!