Reader's Rides

Name:  John Stephens
Location:  Florida
Year:  1986
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Silverado
Owner Comments:  This is my 1986 Silverado.  It is all original except for tow hitch and exhaust.  It is powered by a 305/th350...for now.  This truck will be a weekend Home Depot picker upper.  Future plans call for a 4/6 drop, wheels and tires (no bling), 12 bolt w/ 3.73 gears, 700r4, and hopefully a newer TPI motor.  I'd like to put in an ls2, but I'm tight on money for awhile.  I would also like to add a 1991 Suburban grill setup.  Wife says I have to go on the "long term" plan, which is fine with me...I have the truck, and I have to start somewhere.