Reader's Rides

Name:  Ryan Thompson
Location:  Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
Year:  1987
Make:  GMC
Model:  Sierra Classic
Owner Comments:  This is my '87.  I feel its pretty safe to say my truck is different than any others on your's rusty.  It's my first truck, and I learned I need to look over things alot better when buying a vehicle.  When I finally got it in my possession, I learned that the intake leaked and the previous owner didn't change the oil often, if at all.  The radiator was rotten, and the floor and rockers (which I specifically looked for but missed) were rotten.  We also thought the rear 10 bolt was gone but the yoke nut was just loose and causing the gears to bang and clunk around corners.  We fixed all that and I took it out for a weekend of muddin' (haha made it through water that was deep enough to cover the headlights), blew the automatic hubs out (replaced on ground that night), and a week later the little 305 developed a bottom end knock from the intake leak.  Now it's in pieces and I've started rebuilding a 350 for it and will be putting on Vortec Heads, Edelbrock intake, Hooker Competition headers and a 2.5 inch true dual exhaust with Flowmaster Super 40's.  Future plans include to remove the rust from the poor girl and throw a six inch lift and 35's on it.  Great site keep the good work!  P.S. The running boards were the first thing to go!