Reader's Rides

Name:  Martin Vargas
Location:  Moreno Valley, CA
Year:  1978
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  C10
Owner Comments:  My name is Martin Vargas, I live in Moreno Valley California and am 19 years old.  I have a 1978 Chevy short bed fleetside.  I am in the process of restoring the truck, doing small upgrades, and put a little performance into it.  It has a Goodwrench 350, a two-barrel carb & manifold that would normally go on the 305 (not sure if it came from the factory with 2bbl).  To stay legal, it has single exhaust with a catalytic converter and a Flowmaster muffler.  When I have the spare change, I'll upgrade to a Quadrajet and a second Flowmaster for the passenger side for full breathing.  It's a base model 1/2 ton C10 that came with idiot lights (replaced with white faced gauges), an in windshield antenna, and it has the 4 speed granny box that was an option only on 3/4 and 1tons, making it a very special short bed.  I've restored the interior with new door panels, new window crank handles, new lock knobs, new armrests, new carpet, new window weather-stripping and a dashboard cover...all purchased from Classic Industries.  I put on the top option grill for a much nicer front end.  I plan to swap out the granny gears for a TH400 that I'm rebuilding because the 2nd to 3rd shift is just too wide of a ratio and I keep getting killed on the drags when I put it into 3rd.  The auto trans swap is cheaper than the gear vendors under/overdrive unit.  It was already lowered when I got the truck, with drop spindles, drop springs, drop shackles and hangers.  It has polyurethane bushings all around and with the help of the sway bar article on your website,  I found a 11/4 sway bar in the junkyard and installed it with polyurethane since my truck did not come from the factory with a sway bar.  Your website has been very helpful and has lots of great information on these style of trucks.  This is my first car, and I don't plan to ever get rid of it.