Reader's Rides

Name:  KC Martell
Location:  Fairbanks, AK
Year:  1974
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Blazer
Owner Comments:  My name is KC Martell, and I am from Fairbanks Alaska.  I don't really know the history on the truck, but the guy who sold it to me told me the guy who owned it before him spent a lot of time and money on the diamond-plated bed with Chevy bow tie tail lights.  It has a 350 V8 with a TH400 transmission.  When I purchased it I had to buy a new Edelbrock carburetor and battery before I could start it, but after sitting six years it fired right up.  It also also got a diamond plated visor that says booger...which sort of make sense to me.  I haven't really decided on future plans yet...but the day will come, and I'll use your site as a resource.  I really like your site, and like you, I am also very fond of 73-87s.  Thanks!