Reader's Rides

Name:  Nick Desmarais
Location:  Washington
Year:  1977
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  C10 Scottsdale
Owner Comments:  I purchased this truck from a college student in 2005 for $900.  It was a little bit pricey considering the trucks condition, but I really wanted a GM stepside truck and they seem to be getting harder to find.  The engine block was toast and the interior was destroyed by years of neglect.  I dropped in a 350 V8 from a 1979 Chevrolet K20 and purchased about $700 worth of interior parts (door panels, weather stripping, interior door handles, window handles, door locks, carpet, dash bezel, glove box, etc.) .  I also added a Sony CD/MP3 player since the previous CD player had been torn out of the dash.

Thankfully the body was in pretty good shape.  I did end up having to replace the passenger side inner fender and the radiator support because battery acid had ate a hole thru them.  The battery tray had completely disintegrated and the battery was just sitting in the wheel well, so I replaced that as well.  The bed was in pretty bad condition, as there wasn't a floor except for a few rotted stubs.  I got some weather treated wood and did the entire bed with two pieces.  In the future I would like to get a steel floor put in, when money permits,

Future plans are to get some new tires, bench seat with center console, cowl induction hood, and a new paint job.