Reader's Rides

Name:  Will Stark
Location:  South Texas
Year:  1979
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  C10
Owner Comments:  Ran Super Chevy Show on April 23 & 24, 2005.  Fastest truck had been before was 11.77 @ 113mph with 358 SBC on motor.  So I had that dialed in and broke out with an 11.71 @ 112mph.  Had one more chance, so dialed in 11.70.  Cut an awesome light, .0156 from perfect.  Other car was a faster car, but cut a crappy light, .1750.  Looked back and I had the other car covered, so let off 200' before finish line and coasted through, figuring I would win and go to next round...didn't happen.  I ran a 11.6846 @ 109.17mph...BROKE OUT, ARGHHHH!!!  I Should have stayed in it to see what it would have ran.  The truck was popping on top end, which is a sign of valve springs needing to be replaced.  I had 670 AFR valve springs with 630 lift cam and 1.6 roller rockers, so pushing them valve springs to their limits.  I just installed new Comp Cam valve springs good to 700 lift, so good to go for next race.